QATAR AIRWAYS is the national airline of Qatar, which was established in 1993. It operates international flights on the five continents from its main hub in Doha International Airport.

It is considered as one of the best airlines in the world with more than 150 aircraft.


QATAR AIRWAYS thanks to its rapid growth now offers more than 140 destinations throughout the world and is opening offices in new countries.

TransTotal has been chosen to represent Qatar Airways in Peru and offers competitive rates.

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WAN HAI LINES was founded in 1965 in Taiwan. It started with a Bulk ship from Japan to America, to then growing rapidly in the shipping market and be today one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Wan Hai Lines has become the leading Shipping line in Asia with connections through its main ports establishing itself as a strong partner for the export to the Asian market.


In Peru we have been working directly with Wan Hai Lines, participating to the growth of foreign trade of the Pacific coast. WHL has two weekly services heading to Asia and South America, with three weekly calls in order to provide better options for your logistics operations. Our services from Callao have a fast transit time, being Kaohsiung our first hub with a transport time of 27 days.


STOLT TANK CONTAINER, is part of STOLT NIELSEN group created in 1959 by Jacob Stolt-Nielsen. In 1982, they began Isotanks operations with some units. STOLT currently has the world's largest fleet of Isotanks, with over 31,000 units. It has a global network of offices and service center strategically located worldwide.

What is an Isotank?

A "tank container" is a type of pressure container of stainless steel within a 20 ft ISO frame used for transport and storage of liquid cargo.

The 20-foot ISO framework ensures that Tank containers can be transported and maneuvered by land, sea and rail.

The Tank containers provide a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to transport liquid cargo in the world.

Types of Isotank:

General tank: Fluids unfit for human consumption (burnt oil, chemicals, refrigerants, etc).

Foodgrade tank: For products that have a food grade (fish oil, palm oil, liquors, etc).

Reefer tank: Tank capable of cooling the product to be transported (frozen fruit juices, etc).


HYUNDAI MERCHANT MARINE is a transportation company that began operations in 1976 with three tanker vessels.

Nowadays with a global service network with more than 40 shipping routes and calls in more than 100 ports around the world, HMM is one of the largest shipping companies of the world.

It is currently in the top five carriers of the Trans-Pacific services and within the top ten global companies in the industry. It has a varied fleet of vessels with more than 160 owned, for Trans-Pacific, Asia-Europe, Transatlantic and Inter-Asia services.


In the world HYUNDAI MERCHANT MARINE provides maritime transport services in containers which are represented in Peru by Transtotal.

We have 3 services from Callao, offering a wide range of international destinations and competitive transit times.

We handle 2 services to Asia and 1 service to Central America and the USA: