Within the services of Freight forwarding for air cargo that TRANSTOTAL Group offers, it is relevant to mention that we belong to the IATA agency: «International Air Transport Association».

This worldwide air transportation association aims to help its members to simplify their processes of travel and transportation; reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Moreover, it offers further benefits to all the involved parties in the air commerce.


Our commitment is based on:

  • - Establish the necessary measures to avoid and eliminate factors that adversely affect the quality of TRANSTOTAL's activities, making this the key indicator for our continuous improvement.
  • - Ensure and facilitate international trade, through the establishment and administration of standards and global security procedures, applied to the trade logistics chain, preventing illegal activities, corruption, and bribery.
  • - Establish procedures and practices to eliminate hazards and reduce the risks of our employees and stakeholders in our facilities and those of the business partner where applicable.
  • - Implement and maintain practices and procedures that allow us to prevent environmental pollution, promoting the protection of the environment within the development of our daily activities.
  • - Ensure the consistency, storage, and protection of the information of our business partners, committing ourselves to the use of top-level information security and computer systems.
  • - Ensure compliance with legal requirements and other agreements signed, sustainable development, social responsibility, competition, awareness, the well-being of our employees and stakeholders, promoting the participation, consultation, effectiveness, and improvement of the Integrated Management System.


Since 2012, TRANSTOTAL has different certifications from the SGS company:

  • ISO 9001:2015
    • Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015
    • Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 45001:2018
    • Safety and occupational health management

Our certifications reach:

  • Business Service Management and Representation of shipping lines
  • Freight forwarding Service
  • Commercial Management and Logistics Operations with Flexibags and Linerpak, for liquid and solid bulk cargo
  • Document Management Service for Freight forwarders and Shipping Lines
  • Maritime Brokerage Service


In TRANSTOTAL we are always trying to reach the best quality standards for our workers as our clients.

This quality is granted by certifications, signs that show our products, processes, systems and services meet the highest national and international norms and regulations. That is how, over the time, we have become your main strategic ally.

Thanks to our integrated management system, we continue to work to improve our everyday activities.


Our commitment is based on:

  • Taking the necessary measures to eliminate different factors that affect the quality of our activities.
  • Making quality, the key indicator for our constant improvement.
  • Developing standards and safety procedures apply to our logistic chain in order to prevent illegal activities.
  • Establish practices to avoid lesion and occupational diseases to our workers.
  • Implement procedures that allow us to take care of the environment within the daily activities.
  • Ensure compliance of the norms and other written agreements, social responsibility and the wellbeing of our employees; promoting their participation.


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