STOLT TANK CONTAINER, is part of STOLT NIELSEN group created in 1959 by Jacob Stolt-Nielsen. In 1982, they began Isotanks operations with some units. STOLT currently has the world's largest fleet of Isotanks, with over 31,000 units. It has a global network of offices and service center strategically located worldwide.

What is an Isotank?

A "tank container" is a type of pressure container of stainless steel within a 20 ft ISO frame used for transport and storage of liquid cargo.

The 20-foot ISO framework ensures that Tank containers can be transported and maneuvered by land, sea and rail.

The Tank containers provide a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to transport liquid cargo in the world.

Types of Isotank:

General tank: Fluids unfit for human consumption (burnt oil, chemicals, refrigerants, etc).

Foodgrade tank: For products that have a food grade (fish oil, palm oil, liquors, etc).

Reefer tank: Tank capable of cooling the product to be transported (frozen fruit juices, etc).