Documentation Management

Our unit supports customers and lines to manage the whole issue concerning cargo documentation.

  • Import/Export: information from owners and customers is collected in order to create the CDL/CAL and BLs.
  • Customs transmission: Are transmitted to the authorities import, transit and export BLs.
  • Transhipment: Coordination with the line and port for shipping container transshipment within the customs deadlines and according to program of the vessels.
  • Forwarder documentation/Tramp vessels: BLs information is registered in our internal systems for onward transmission to customs, within the legal deadlines.
  • Extranet: Management of a platform for customers to request the routing of their cargo.

Customs Management

We are the intermediary between customs and customers. For this purpose we provide the following services:

  • Corrections of the BLs transferred to Customs.
  • Fines management if the information is not transmitted within the deadlines written in the law.
  • Legal issues handled by customs as container inspection, seizure of goods, etc.

Container Management

Our services are based on the requirements of the lines by providing a range of services around the container such as:

  • Loading / unloading
  • Container damage control
  • Container sales
  • Recovery: Containers legally abandoned
    • - Nationalization of containers
    • - Seals
  • The sale of seals for containers
    • - Realize a following up through our database