Our commitment is based on:

  • - Establish the necessary measures to avoid and eliminate factors that adversely affect the quality of TRANSTOTAL's activities, making this the key indicator for our continuous improvement.
  • - Ensure and facilitate international trade, through the establishment and administration of standards and global security procedures, applied to the trade logistics chain, preventing illegal activities, corruption, and bribery.
  • - Establish procedures and practices to eliminate hazards and reduce the risks of our employees and stakeholders in our facilities and those of the business partner where applicable.
  • - Implement and maintain practices and procedures that allow us to prevent environmental pollution, promoting the protection of the environment within the development of our daily activities.
  • - Ensure the consistency, storage, and protection of the information of our business partners, committing ourselves to the use of top-level information security and computer systems.
  • - Ensure compliance with legal requirements and other agreements signed, sustainable development, social responsibility, competition, awareness, the well-being of our employees and stakeholders, promoting the participation, consultation, effectiveness, and improvement of the Integrated Management System.